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Chicago White Sox Fan Gear | Shop Jerseys, Hats, Sports Apparel, & More

In 1900, founded as a major league baseball club titled the “Chicago White Stockings”, their name was shortened to “Chicago White Sox” in 1904 following much fanfare! The team edges on their field gameplay when fans cheer them wearing the classic 1972 red-pinstriped throwback jerseys, paired with MLB fitted hats, and print knit sleep pants available in the team’s black, silver, white colors! Fans scour major league baseball stores, for throwbacks caps sporting the batter logo, as well as unique collectibles such as ankle socks, slippers, shorts, MLB jerseys! You can find favorite MLB fan gear or grab the MLB jerseys for sale at the only major league baseball store, Pro Image Sports! Check out our range of MLB sports gear, including your favorite 12” mascot statue when you shop mlb jersey, or are searching for major league baseball shop ‘near me’!