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Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Gear | Shop Jerseys, Hats, Sports Apparel, & More

As with most NHL matches, one of the most fan-favored goal horn played is of the Pittsburgh Penguins! The horn is blown as they hit off the puck, with fans bellowing the Teams name in support! Informally known as the Pens, the Pittsburgh Penguins are an NHL team based in Pittsburgh, with a record of having qualified for six Stanley Cup Finals and winning the Stanley Cup five times! Strutting into the ice rink in Black, Pittsburgh Gold, White, the team unleashes their force that is equally matched by their fans cheering for them. Fans display their support through wearing Jerseys in colors of black and gold with the "skating penguin" logo.

Alternatively, the rare collectible colors dark blue, light blue and white -colored Jerseys are a rage with the crowd, found only at the genuine NHL hockey merchandise store, Pro Image Sports! For all your favorite NHL hockey gear such as Jerseys along with stadium hats, throwback caps, Snapback Hats, Adjustable hats, hat pins, Hoodies, Shorts, etc. grab it all along with hockey jerseys for sale!