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Vegas Golden Knights Fan Gear | Shop Jerseys, Hats, Sports Apparel, & More

As a homage to and inspiration from the "epitome of the warrior class" – Knights – the Vegas Golden Knights began their Ice Hockey game playoffs after having been founded in 2017. Just a few years later in 2023, the Golden Knights won their first Stanley Cup championship after having defeating the Florida Panthers in five games.

Sporting the logo of a barbute helmet, superimposed on a black and gold shield, the team glides onto the ice hockey arena with vigor and forte of Knights! Just as much, their die-hard fans attend all of their scheduled matches sporting Jerseys in colors of steel gray with black, gold, and red stripes.

Rare collectibles from the bevy of NHL hockey merchandise such as Socks, Draft Tumblers, Hydra Water Bottles, etc. are the most sought-after items at the beginning of the NHL league matches!  NHL hockey merchandise such as their Steel Grey, Gold, Red, and Black colored hockey jerseys for sale are available at the only leading NHL team store, Pro Image Sports!