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Oakland Athletics Fan Gear | Shop Jerseys, Hats, Sports Apparel, & More

Quite known for setting the record for most consecutive wins in a single season with 20 wins, the Oakland Athletics are team of hard-hitting hitters and pitchers! This led to the formation and development of the famous “Sabermetrics” or “SABRmetrics” in American Baseball. Furthermore, with nine World Series championships, 15 pennants, and 17 division titles won yet so far, the Athletics or “A’s” as they’re dearly known by their fans and followers, are ranked as the second-highest clubs in the American Major League Baseball after the New York Yankees! For scheduled every match, fans of the team plan ahead by weeks or even months to attend the game wearing their favorite team Jerseys in Green, Gold, and White colors mixed & matched with differently designed chenille shorts, starter jackets, hoodies, ankle socks, even slippers too! Shop MLB jersey as well as fitted baseball hats, snapback hats, or adjustable hats, or even mlb jerseys for sale at the leading authentic MLB Fan shop, Pro Image Sports!